Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rick Ross is the new Notorious B.I.G.

-Brandon McFarland

I'm sure people have made this comparison before. If you're a rapper with an infatuation with good eats then you should be honored to be compared to the best Brooklyn rapper "Black and ugly as ever/ however..." Ross has the swagger, the skill and stamps of approval from the best rapper who needs to retire...again. Ross even borrows a couple of scenes from Biggie's "Warning" video. Two girls one fat guy on the phone.

Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z - Maybach Music

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that the two videos were similar. Im not sure if he's trying to be the new Biggie, but it seems like it. I don't think that Rick Ross should try to be an imitation of Biggie. Look at Gorilla Black, he sounded and looked like Biggie...