Friday, January 11, 2008

Steroids Usage is the New Cosmetic Surgery

-Brandon McFarland

In the shadow of Major League Baseball’s Mitchell Report comes the Soares Report, named after Albany, NY, District Attorney David Soares, which discloses that musicians have also been juicing, for reasons probably more cosmetic than performance-enhancing.

Musicians Timbaland, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent were named in connection with an Albany-based steroid investigation, but are not part of an ongoing criminal probe, according to a published report. Read the explosive story here.

I guess that means

Mary J. Blidge is the New Marion Jones
50 Cent is the New Barry Bonds
Timbaland is the New Mark McGwire

and Wyclef Jean is the New DeeJay from Street Fighter!

Hipster is the New Preppy

-Nate Hadden

Shout out to my homie Cambo and Rush over on haight street sf, CA! everybody watch this & stay trendy...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soulja Boy is the New Flavor Flav

-Brandon McFarland

Yall know it's true!!!

Politics be the New Beef son!!!

-Brandon McFarland

Actually it's not beef at all but now that i have your attention...

Lupe Fiasco wrote on okayplayer blog site that
if he was voting (which he doesn't) that he would vote for Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama because of, "the bombing of Iran and all that stuff.* He ain't gonna do nothing but perpetuate the nonsense that all the Presidents before have done, and what Bush is doing now."

So Rhymefest goes on myspace and proceeds to call Lupe's comments "fucking erroneous and outrageous that it compels me to speak out, even if only to give fans the right information so that we are not following uninformed-ass rappers down the hole of 'abstract nothingness."

The Rhymefest and his ninjas ran up on Lupe comin' out of his mama's crib and commenced to beating the cool out the nruickgah!! STRAIGHT BARACK OBANGIN!

just kiddin'. they had an enteligent, spiritual, long ass conversation on okayplayer. Check it out on 'Fest's myspace blog.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Retirement is the New Ritalin

-Brandon McFarland

After the Black Album in 2005 Jay-Z announced his retirement from rap. A year later he got the presidential position at Def Jam Records. And for two years the label has had hits from Kanye West and Rihanna; Jay-Z's own 2006 album, Kingdom Come, moved 1.5 million units in the midst of hip hops fleeting record sales. Now he's through with being president and he's on to the next. Jay will continue to record for the label and is said to be looking to focus more attention on his other businesses, including the 40/40 Club chain of high-end sports bars and his Rocawear clothing line. Also, media sources claim that Apple will team up with the former president of Def Jam Records to start its own record label.

30 is the new 20 indeed. Calm down young man!

Kelly Tilghman is the New Don Imus

-Brandon McFarland

Kelly Tilghman comments about Tiger Woods. WTF